Thank You for this opportunity to put out what this has meant to me: I have from the very first contact, been curious. The first phamphlet to the emotional Book Three. I am not only amazed I read all of them, I truly enjoyed the writing, Brilliant! It was very enjoyable to know there are others of like mind. The birds of a feather analogy. The awakening of the inner me. The beating down and trying to manipulate and spoil most of all our dreams. The children now and we of the past, that are now back. I think and I feel the soft steady drum beat of a new awareness and movement. I am Honored and Priveleged to be a part of this. I have started to look for my FNE. It is a great journey. The meeting of other members has been great. The puzzle we are all building is for the BIG PUZZLE PICTURE. I have enjoyed my years on this planet. It could have and should have been more enjoyable……….That is a part of what being a part of Neothink, and especially MARK HAMILTON and the NEOTHINK SOCIETY, has meant to me. The FREEDOM! Mini Day Schedules! Contributing to Society REAL VALUES, Everyone EVERYONE Benefits And Enjoys Contributing. My Mind Body and Real True Me Enjoys Everything to this Point. What a Journey! ThankYou, Mark Hamilton, The Staff, Other Members. I am Proud and Honored to be an Aprentice. I have learned and grown and I am even more determined. Imagine………..I`d love to say I am 201 years old?
Alan E.

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