Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society…

I am an individual living in the supposedly free country of the United States of America.  I am writing this today because I am concerned for the future of our country and for all peoples of the Earth, and mostly for myself and my family.  There is a storm coming.  It is a positively charged storm that will, in time, bring happiness, health and much longer life and prosperity to everyone, if we will let it happen.  I know this sounds incredible, it is.  But it’s also real.  Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society are working hard to push the ceiling up off of everyone that is being held in place by politicians, political businessmen and religious leaders around the world.  I am a very happy Neothink customer.  I have been one for many years (since the mid-eighties, in fact) and have ordered numerous products.  I have received great value and personal benefit from the materials I have purchased.  Neothink information helps one to see things as they really are–to see reality.  Neothink (N-T) literature has helped me to become well-grounded and to recognize politics and religion for what they really are:  mechanisms for controlling and extracting wealth from “the common man.”  N-T has given me concrete steps that can be applied in any business or job I can think of to be more efficient and productive.  If I had not encountered Neothink, I would have foundered in a sea of mental uncertainty and I know without any doubt whatsoever that I would not be as well-off as I am today.  Thank you, Mark Hamilton & Co. from the bottom of my heart.

Great T.

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