Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society…

My name is Bill J and I am here to tell you that the Neothink society is not a farce, not a lie nor a scam. I received a letter from Neothink society a few years ago that I was chosen to join the society. I was skeptical but also curious especially after reading the 5 page hand written invitation promising me that I would be able to do many great things if I bought the literature containing 2000 year old secrets that have been hidden from the masses for many years.
I chose to take a risk and I bought the books, and my life has never been the same. The information I learned from the Neothink Society is priceless! I can verify that Mark Hamilton who is my mentor, is not a fraud, not a crook or a dishonest person. Mark Hamilton is a Brilliant teacher, Honest and dedicated to goodness, he cares greatly about people and the future of our world.
Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society stand for the people and the peoples right to pursue happiness without being oppressed by the corporate giants who care nothing about people and care only to line their pockets with gold. The Twelve Visions Party is Americas Last chance to RESTORE AND PRESERVE FREEDOM to this country. I urge all you American people to stand up to replace the tyrannical government that has oppressed the people of this nation for the last hundred years, and bring back the freedom our forefathers sought when founding this great country. Please support the Twelve Visions Party this is the people’s chance to bring about positive change for the future of mankind. Sincerely Bill

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