Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society

My name is Robert K. and this is my Neothink story. In April of 2004 I received a letter that changed my life forever, at first I thought it was a sales gimmick but as I read on I knew something was different about what I was reading this time. That was my first exposure to the Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton which at that time was a secret society (recently the Neothink Society has gone public) After I received the first Heirloom literature I found it held a lot answers I had been looking for most of my life which at that time I was 55 years old, I only wish that Mark Hamilton could have found me when I was younger but I guess he had his reasons, but as they say never too late to learn. The fact that now I know I will be able to live longer then I could have ever imagined through the Neothink Society and the pursuit of immortality through the writings of Mark Hamilton, I feel age is not issue. This is one thing I also worried about was to live long enough to do what I wanted to do in my retirement years. The one thing Neothink has taught me is now I can feel comfortable in my own skin, this was because I was never sure about the God/heaven religion issue, I was always was sort of a fence sitter until I became a Neothinker (as now I know the truth)I know I was different but not sure why. At that point &time (4-04) I never knew what integrated vs bicameral thinking was or, FNE, Childhood of the past, TSM etc. I am still learning everyday by reading the Neothink literature, and also being able to understand it better by becoming more integrated, there are some Neothink members that have read the heirlooms two or three times. I have learned more about myself and more knowledge through Mark Hamilton’s essence meetings and taking part in the weekly conference calls with other  Neothink members. The one thing that I am continually amazed at  is the self improvement I have made in myself. Through most of my life I have had a self destructive behavior and also a short temper that now both of these tendencies have all but disappeared and it was all due to Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society and not through an anticiviliztion therapist. My goals are to live as I long as I can as I have been more focused on natural supplements to try and get off of some of my prescriptions. Another goal is to become fully integrated and live in a fully integrated society(Civilization of the Universe)where everyone will be able to live in a fully integrated Neothink Society where we will be able to enjoy health, wealth and happiness by removing the dishonest Neocheater politicians and the mystic religions from the world.

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