Mark Hamilton, and the Neothink® Society

The Neothink® Society and Twelve Visions Party what do they mean to me? I was sitting here and pondering this very thought.
Remembering back to when I was a child as well as watching my children grow to maturity, I reflected on the adult’s role in a child’s growth to maturity.
A child’s life is of play and learning by playing games and creating things that are of value for them. While they are playing and learning they are creating value for the adults in their lives, if adults take the time to notice. Adults generally are running around and WORKING in a JOB that they feel they have to, either because they are too old to change or they had made a poor choice when they were younger and then had to work at that same job to support a family.
In today’s society change is not something that readily happens as there are rules, regulations, and people that keep another person down and in a rut.  Keeping a person in their lower status has become the quid pro quos of society. The use of ego to bolster one’s own status and use of someone’s work unrightfully has also become the standard of today’s business society. The taking of someone’s ideas, draining them of all of their knowledge, and discarding them on the wayside of the roadway to life has also become a way of business.
Now, this being said, most people started as bright and happy children, yet may be drained of their ideas that propel a company into the forefront of technology, while others receive credit due. Often that person is sad, and empty, because with the passage of time, and losing credit for an idea or a job well done the person has been stripped of celebrations.  Those celebrations are critical to each step and are cherished time with the spouse and rest of the family.
The Twelve Visions world, brought forward by my mentor Mark Hamilton, and the Neothink® Society, has taught me to live life now and celebrate life always, for you never know when it will end. There are many celebrations that you have in your life.  One of the greatest, to me, is when I wake in the morning above the daisies, as this is the start of a new day of creation building I can embark on. The next is when I see my kids sleeping in their beds and then later playing while they learn how to interact with one another.
We as adults need to learn how to play and create new values for ourselves, and then, step into value creation for society. This act of stepping into value creation for society creates sincere happiness for the creator.  Happiness created in childhood, where one is allowed and allows oneself to grow and learn because one wants to, not because one was told to learn. This is the greatest value one can give to himself, the feeling of self-accomplishment not experienced by looking to another to discover what is good or feels good.
With the Twelve Visions Party more and more people will get the chance to do for themselves and their families than is allowed in today’s society. Allowing people to advance new and learned technology will work for all people.  Using the computer industry, as the example, in the beginning, the first computer was housed in a large building, and filled 5 full floors with its gadgetry.  Now, that gadgetry is sitting on your desk or in your hand while you talk on it. Computers, once found only in large institutional buildings with only a few people knowing how to operate them, are in homes and are operated by the masses.  Facebook®, Twitter®, and Myspace® are only a few of the services globally available today and were driven and designed by people and companies to create a value for society. This value creation allows you to globally quickly communicate your ideas, and, frequently provides many more ideas to improve your product.
This is only one industry.  What if this could happen in the medical field today? We would not have many of the illness found in the world today. We would not have people willing to, or wanting to die, to leave this world we now live in.  Why do people willing accept death?  Is it because people are not allowed to advance the technology of medicine because of heavy regulations in place? The computer industry did not have many regulations in its infancy so it grew into a great value for the masses.  Do you believe that other great values are being withheld from you because of regulations?

Michael S.

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