Mark Hamilton and Neothink has returned me my childhood

If I ever had a childhood, I don’t remember it. I was an orphaned statistic.

Because of a few basic survival skills, I was always expected to behave like a grown-up and therefore was treated like one. Today, at 40 years old, Mark Hamilton and Neothink has returned my childhood to me to live as it should have been. I am no longer abused, neglected, or ridiculed for learning, growing, or advancing in the world.

During my teen years, I was considered a social outcast. My adoptive parents were very strict on me. They would only let me participate in church activities or chaperoned ball games. I found solace in reading and creative writing and gained intelligence, knowledge, discipline, responsibility and the overwhelming desire to be on my own. Older and more distinguished people praised this in my character and I was labeled a goody-two-shoes, a nerd so to speak.  In my desire to “fit in”, my behavior rebelled against my parents in that  I took the blame for the trouble my peers got into and let them take advantage of  and bully me. I had this idea that myself sacrifice would prepare me for the abuse of such a cruel world. I was anything but a typical teen, yet this is what was expected of me. Every now and then, when my parents decided to reward me with a little leniency, I had to beg and plead to be invited to a party or social gathering. I was always embarrassed, humiliated, or totally ignored. Today, through the integrations of the Neothink family and apprentices, I am the one being sought out for my learned lessons, advice, abilities, and other priceless values of character and being including that it is not the world that has gone bad, but the people in it has accepted tragedy and tyranny as the general way of life. I have gained access to a wealth of information on every walk of life through countless pieces of literature that I never would have known had it not been for Neothink. Neothink is teaching its members to reverse this ideology. Words will never express how grateful I am or how much I appreciate Neothink for choosing me to help fulfill this purpose.

This abusive and destructive behavior followed me into my older years as I became the shadow in everyone’s limelight. I had the intelligence to be everywhere at once but I could never be found. I was the proverbial “Jack-of-all-Trades.” But at the same time, no one wanted or needed any interference from me. I was always called upon to organize and clean-up a mess. Yet, I was cast aside and never acknowledged or allowed to take credit for my endeavors or talents. Once someone was through using me, I was shut up and locked away until further notice. I was a prisoner within myself. I did not know who I was supposed or expected to be. Religion looked like an easy way out, but there were just too many requirements of basic human existence and ritualistic demands of free thinking to give up. Then one day, Mark Hamilton and Neothink unlocked my cell and destroyed the key. They have taught me the confidence and bravery to defend all things good and honest. The ability to say “no” to evil and destruction is a lot easier to do now thanks to Neothink. Today, I have the freedom to choose, to believe, to love, to live, to celebrate being a human being, but most of all I have the freedom to be myself. There’s no one else better qualified.

All in all, whether they are veterans, apprentices, or incumbents, Neothink members have been taught from their day of invitation until now that there are three paths of society for the human race to follow. There is the society of “that is”, the society of “what appears to be” and the society that “knows the difference.” Neothink is the society that knows the difference. While the societies of “what appears to be”, and the society of “that is “run an even battle of spreading chaos and confusion for the human being’s purposes, functions, systems, and processes in the world called the “anti-civilization”, Neothink, the society that “knows the difference” is ahead of the battle to teach their members this difference so that they too can relay the message of pure love and honesty to the world. Neothink provides a wealth of information that can make their members the healthiest, wealthiest, happiest, and the most beloved of all without the use of external authorities we call the anti-civilization forevermore.

Mary K.

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