Mark Hamilton

Mark Hamilton;

Although I have been extremely busy with my business, I cannot put you Superpuzzle book down.  Not only do I enjoy reading the well written book, I can now see through the illusions.  As well, the difference in thinking and seeing through these illusions is already starting to benefit  my business.

At this time I am performing a Historical Restoration for a small local township,  up until recently everything is going fine until board member who happens to be an attorney starts going in a very different direction.

Through your books, I have been able to see through his illusions.  I have also found through the puzzle building the two agendas he is seeking.

1)      He is up for reelection in one month, and

2)      He seems to be wanting to find a need to go to litigation.

I saw through these agendas and diplomatically brought them up in a discussion.  So far problems are solved.

Thank you very much, you can’t help us change our politics soon enough.


Jeffrey R. M.

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