Mark Hamilton

love to give you a testimonial but honestly I’m not deserving of giving one. i ordered your books in the 80s but only read bits and pieces.  again i reordered the updated versions and still have not read them. I’m not an avid reader nor spend time on the internet.  I get restless sitting for long periods.  I am more used to face to face associations although the internet changed that.  I cannot keep up with your seminars. I’m still try to find and/or discover the essence.  I seem to be busy maintaining our home and establishing an ordered a postal employer who refuses to advance in the supervisory/managerial position because I disagree in their treatment and work ethics established by the post master general that basis their bonuses on results. my devotion is to my customers. financially, my wife and I are working ourselves out of our financial dreams that crashed during the housing market. for now I have to reevaluate the direction to take in 2010.

I still have not read all your lessons from last year and do not know if their still available. also, I have to decide if I should stop my membership and start over with reading the manuals first. I believe the only reason the govt is trying to shut Neothink down is because you could expose the immorality, corruptness, and an embarrassment for all the world to see. “FEAR” MY MAN!!!  I’ve lost face with the govt. i belong to no party. i lost face with the catholic church. they just exposed themselves as the biggest hypocrites. believe me mark, there’s a lot of neocheaters in Las Vegas.

going to close now, im getting restless. i’ll continue to read the manuals, intellectually,  their a masterpiece.

richard k

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