Mark Hamilton

Dear Mark, having read the majority of your family’s works, the science from Frank and the applications from yourself and Eric, I can testify that it can be of great value to our evolving consciousness and our continuing path to, or rather reassertion of, our freedom. This is a very exciting time and to cut a long story short.THE TALENT WILL OUT.dig the new breed.

This work that you have sweated over to the irreducible facts of the beauty of what is [breath] over the last forty years, has directly and positively influenced my life over the last five years AND those around me.Even lately I have witnessed a change in my threshold. Previously I had lost a lot of my childhood excitement and was pretty much in the doldrums, single jobless the life that i had envisioned, the dreams and so on were barely even in my pattern of thinking. Then all around the same time as the books from that one little envelope, I find myself with the woman i had always wanted[in a way she was waiting for me to come around] and her little boy who chooses to call ME dad. And of course i was offered and wholeheartedly took on a regular job that makes me proud[many aspects of which i can do to a level of unconscious competence]By the way thanks for your affiliate code and i heard thru one of Steve F’s addresses that you and your father mentored KT back in the seventies. You continue to do a good job and the lot of you send out those excellent vibrations. Have some back and I shall see YOU[jimmy] on the beaches of the world !

All the best vibes and kind regards from your friend Dan.

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