Many Thoughts

The pillars of the Anti-civilization are starting to crumble.
And the world around us has gotten more dangerous.
Everything that Mark Hamilton has told us is happening.
The mainstream media knows of us now. People are starting to here about us now.
They are starting to take notice of us now.
The more they learn about Mark Hamilton and read his MultiGenerational Manuscripts the more we start to head in a different direction.
That direction is the TwelveVisionsParty.

Soon it was like there is two Americas. One where businesses thrive with the Neothink ways of doing business which is so profitable for everyone. Becoming more healthier then ever before.Everyones buying power grew a hundred fold. And the other America which is deep in crime and poverty. Everyone from this crime ridden and poverty stricken America came running to the neothink America.There are those carrying nothing but the clothes on their backs.
And there are those that are carrying everything they owned read and accomplished in the Anti-civilization.

And it is becoming like a massive traffic jam everyone from the stricken America is trying to get into the Neothink America.
There is so much arguing going on from those how carry the Anti-civilization things with them to the gates of the Neothink America.
Things like trying to keep their political power base. Their religious teachings.
The ruling class not wanting to let go of their power to rule the masses. Being lazy in the mind so the body end up in a following mode.Living life like an ostrich with it’s head in the ground ect.ect.
And finding them selfs in a dilemma to either loss the Anti-civilization things or stand in front of a whole new world of Wealth Health and Peace and not be able to enter because of the anti-civilization things they can’t let go of.

But once they start to see the new world prospering beyond their wildest dreams.
Only those how have shed the things from the Anti-civilization enter the new world easier.
But it didn’t take those who were having trouble letting go. To soon realized that it was in their best interest to let go finally. Mind you it was in their best interest no one else’s to let go. That is what made them let go of the anti-civilization things.

But lets not forget that Mark Hamilton said not everyone will enter the TVP NEW WORLD OF WEALTH HEALTH AND PEACE because they are still hanging on to the old world.Those who can’t let go of the anti-civilization for what ever reason.Those who think that the handouts they get they deserve to get but refusing to see that the handouts they are getting are from a government that has failed it’s people.That their handouts will soon come to an end.
And I guess it may take the END for those who can’t let go. To realized that the TwelveVisionsParty is the only way to live and when they finally realize that! They will be kicking their own behind. For waiting so long to investigate how much happier they can be and living the life they are meant to live.

Not realizing that if they just trusted in them selves enough they would find a more prosperous life.Anyone can lead you to water but they can’t make you drink. Only your thirst,Your thought process,Your authority can do that.So take responsibility of your life and live the life you are meant to live.Walk up to the water hole and us your own authority to figure out if the water is safe to drink. If it isn’t safe to drink us your Neothink mind to figure out how to make it safe to drink.And if you don’t have that ability there are places you can go to learn.
Learn how to take control of your own life by hitting your research button.

Research for a better way to live your life.And you can start your search here at about it’s founder Mark Hamilton read his amazing Multi-Generational Manuscripts.Make friends with like minded people like yourself from the Neothinksociety. And soon you will find yourself supporting the TwelveVisionsParty too.

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