Dear Mark Hamilton
Thank you very much for the three heirlooms Package.I just finished reading it last night.
The best years fo my life has started,when I read the heirlooms the third time.
What exited me the most was the love of the C of U.
I learned to keep a cool head and not be negative,since I will not complete my quest in that state of mine.
I am very greatful to you for changing my life forever!
I now want to live forever.
I have lots of work ahead of me and will help in any way possible.
You are my hero Mark Hamilton!
The LOVE in the C of U,which I am in now is awsome.
I was in a downword spiral for years,because of the anti-civilization
Everything is changing so fast.
I will be working closely with Raymond Desmarais here in Canada.
You are the best my friend.
The Twelve Vision Party will flourish in my Country very soon.
The love is outstanding in the C of U.

Warmest regard,Robert C.

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