Uplifting any society one must be willing to take an objective and honest observation of WHAT IS. What is it that drives our Nation? And what it is that steers that Nation in its Direction. It is the leaders in society who pave the roads that we will travel. It is up to those leaders who built the highways to make sure that the bi ways do not become obstructed by barriers. The bi ways are the people and the barriers are our feel good emotions. The current affairs of the people, with the lack of insight, has blinded the masses into a cloud of confusion, allowing the LEADERS to use our lives LIKE SOAP ON A ROPE. They wash their bodies with the feel good emotions of soap and then throw the rope away. Observations and Honesty, they come with a Price and that price is The Truth. It is only by the power of observation that I find in myself that will allow me to see.

Robin N.

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