Life’s a journey”, some say

Life’s a journey”, some say.

Well, since the early stages of my journey I always felt that there was something missing in the big picture I could loom from my standpoint. I was always attracted to unusual matters like supernatural powers such as hypnosis, telekinesis, telepathy and magic per se. I felt and knew there must be a key answer to everything. Especially to those questions like where do we come from? In my quest for those answers I ran into and studied many things such as religions, scientology included and many many books on many many matters. Sometimes it felt like I had found some answers, and I think I did. But when I first knew about Neothink… well, I knew my search was over (search wise), because The Journey had just actually really begun!

So, here I am, reuniting with my soul mates in any regard. I know I have found the final pieces to my puzzling puzzle which is getting non-puzzling by the minute as I integrate all my past and present knowledge. It’s like re-arranging the puzzle that somewhat looked unsolvable at some times. I am ready now to create my personal future and help create our common future. It’s so good to be part of this beautiful Neothink Society. I always knew we would find each other, eventually!

Love to you all!

Adrián M C.

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