Life Changing Breakthrough

My name is David G.and there is so much I can say in praise of Neothink, I am not even sure where to begin.
When I first got my invitation to become involved in Neothink, my life was a mess and I was in the process of attempting to put everything back together as a result of a huge shattering on many levels that I had gone through as an adult.
As a result of reading the books and being connected with Neothink, I was able to put myself back together psychologically and get my life back on track and find my true self that I thought was broken and that I had lost.
I have never been to any meetings yet, or have met anyone in person that is also a member – because I have recognized the need to clear some things in myself first – so I could show up in a more impeccible way.
One of the big things that changed for me as a result of reading the books is that I cleared a gigantic piece of mysticism that was clearly holding me back in life. The reason it was holding me back was that it did not allow me to see reality in a clear way when it came to taking responsibility for my own life, in my choices and actions. After I was able to finally clear this layer of mysticism that was in the way, it was like having a different life, so much more healthier and empowering on all levels, and so much more productive.
Although I do recognize that working on myself and making positive changes in my life and in the world is a continuous process, I am very grateful that I opened the door and gained keys of knowledge that has supported me to access and unlock some of my most powerful integrations, which has brought everything to another level.
As a result, I am now living in the most beautiful home with my partner and I am able to manage our “movie star rent.” I was also able to quit a job that I was very unhappy in and now I am working for myself full time, doing what I love, and sharing my talents with my clients and in the world.
The value that I have gained through being connected with Neothink is indescribable in what I have been able to access within myself and to create in my life. I am looking forward to meeting other members soon and to sharing and creating together.
I can now go through life with complete confidence and trust in the decisions and choices that I am making and to know that everything is amazing!

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