Life before Neothink

It’s difficult to think of my life before learning Neothink®. I had no direction, no focus, and I felt like I was just wandering aimlessly in life…just waiting for someone else to show me where to go, or what to do. You know, like a ship without a rudder.

Sure, I knew things at the time could have been better, my circumstance and situation could have been manipulated to turn things around (if I knew what I know now), and I always felt like there was something more to life. But, as I waited, I was eventually led along, before Mark Hamilton and the Neothink® Society, by masked-illusions that were seeking to control me personally, emotionally, and financially…by offering those empty illusions handed on a platter of dishonesties…with a side dish of corruption. Have you ever heard this? “It’s in your best interest…” Why? Because you know ME better than I do?! Because I don’t know what’s in MY OWN best interest!? Okay, then…First, what’s in MY best interest is to be FREE, living my life the way I see myself experiencing the abundant pleasure I can derive from LIFE that I LOVE living! Second, that means I definitely don’t want my life Regulated anymore! I think I’m smart enough to tie my own shoes, respectively.

So, when, after Neothink®, Mark Hamilton introduced his Movement, the Twelve Visions Party® to me, he shared with me how and why the Twelve Visions Party must and will be actualized. It is because our lives and the lives of our children’s lives depend on it. Can you think of a better reason?

So, I decided to check it out at one day, and THERE, right on that website is a video presentation of Mark Hamilton himself. I can’t wait until you hear about a great Revelation that’s never been revealed before.

Wow! I just want to communicate to Mark Hamilton real quick how grateful I am to know the information I have learned up to this point, and it’s getting better and better every day. A special thank you for what you are doing by sharing this self-improving knowledge with everyone. All of these words here are my thoughts built from my passion for life! And I recognize all of this, I’m aware of all of this, through my power of reason, not because someone just tells me something. You must figure it out and dissect it and learn of it. And then apply it. Magically, you’ll see how your life begins to evolve.

Mark, thank you again.


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