Let’s restore the essence of all mankind

Now Jeff that I truly understand. We as People can not grow to be what we were meant to be with those in power that does not have man’s best interest at heart. The simple things in life are hard to do because of these wrongful laws that are put in place to to control what was not meant to be controlled. We can not prosper as a nation if the nation is unjust, bias or racist. We must eliminate all things that are stopping the flow of man’s rise to the conscience level of being gods-men. If not this world will cease to remain as a world. And would be no more. So please all that reads this we are a family of many and we need this to rise. We are not alone on this planet that feels this way, there are many countries around the world that are waiting on us to rise up and take our place in this society of GODS. They are at our aid if need be. But we first need to wake-up and deprogram our minds to be able to embrace the knowledge that we have so long forgotten. We are a family of love. Lets all push this twelve vision party to heights that have never been seen before. For all those that are running to push this party out there we need to protect them like we will in the future of all harm and evil that do not want this or that try to stop us. For this is for the people every where of every color and every level of life. Let’s stop poverty and crime, let’s restore the essence of all mankind and make this heaven on earth, we can do it.
Clarence L.

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