Let’s Come Together

Let’s Come Together
Time all dreams become reality.
It seems that it takes bad times
To bring out the good in humanity
Can you imagine what would happen
If we came together during good times

Let’s Come Together
The Technological Revolution is upon us
But some how it can’t be seen
Through the clouds of the AC
So now put on your NTS Caps
Put on your TVP Armor
All who have read the
Multi-Generational Manuscripts
Are Neothink Warriors
Causes the AC clouds to disappear

Let’s Come Together
Now as Neothink Warriors
Have a responsibility
To guide all the sick
Hearing impaired and the blind
And all those who seek a better life
And those that don’t realize
There is a better life
And so that all will soon come

Let’s Come Together
After becoming a Neothinker you
Push forward with your down stream focus
To you Friday Night Essence
But we know to get deeper into
Our Friday Night Essence
We need a get out of the way government
We need to push the TVP and our
Down stream focus on to the

Let’s Come Together
Government needs to go back
To their area of purpose
Which is protection only
Introducing the TVP Presidential candidate
The Technological Revolution
Is in the air Friday Night Essence
Businesses opening everywhere

Let’s Come Together
Forced backed taxes disappear
A volunteer tax takes shape
Prices drop to zero
People are becoming rich
All over the world
Rich people getting richer
Middle class getting richer
Farmers getting richer
Workers of all nations getting richer
Even the poor and the elderly

Let’s Come Together
The sights of new surroundings
But still in the same space
You can feel the energy
Flowing in every direction
People buzzing around like busy bee’s
Deep into their down stream focus
On their Friday Night Essence

Finally Coming Together
New Products New Medicines
New everything then all of a sudden
Everyone now realizing we have finally
Come Together
And what appeared before our tear filled eyes
Which looks upon the threshold of our
Ultimate Dream
Civilization of the Universe

So Let’s All Come Together for us and the world

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