Journey that I am on and know we all will make a difference with the knowledge that we have.

Dear Mark, Many thanks for introducing me too the real truth which is what Neothink is! It was a challenge for me to read the first book that I received over 2 years ago. But I am very glad I managed to get too the end because then I understood. It was against everything I was lead to believe for the past 50 years and my life has taken a new meaning to me and the book helped me to once in my life except reality and I am very proud to know what I now know and want every living person to know what that is. I am glad to be a part of Neothink. All that I have ever read is the Bible and religious literature since High School and all I ever wanted was the truth and would have never found that if it were not for Neothink. I have kinda led a sheltered life and always thought the computer was bad. But got my very first one almost a year ago and that is just one big thing I am thankful for but there are many more reasons that I am grateful Neothink. It has actually helped me to deal with many emotions and has changed my life for the better. You see at age 30 I was committed for being mentally ill and have received monthly checks for nearly 23 years from the Government and for those years had continued with alcohol abuse until Neothink literally saved my life because only then was I able to make good choices and take control of my life and make many more right choices for the better that I never seemed to be able to make. I now feel an exziliration for life and it no longer seems like a burden. Thanks for helping me too realize so much and for being such a great Mentor. There is so many things that I could add but know that somehow I will make a difference with the understanding that I now have. I almost re-located into government housing in 2005 but choose instead to rent a 3 bed room mobile home and have already taken a few different homeless people in who now have managed to rent a mobile home of there on so this is just the beginning of a never ending Journey that I am on and know we all will make a difference with the knowledge that we have.                                            

Sincerly James H.

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