It is within you to succeed

A little more than a year ago I got a letter that basically said that It is within you to succeed. And, you were destined for greatness. Of course I thought, who me?
If you pictured your idea of THE most beautiful place to live and maybe raise a family. Not some fantasy, a real place-
Would it include children running and playing in safe, clean, grassy parks?
Would it include businesses and people that provide goods for us, working together with complete honesty?
Would it include a government that actually works for ALL the people?
Would it include a beautiful house? A beautiful spouse? Maybe friends getting together to share good times and help with the not so good times?
Would it include money?
Your visions may not be too different from mine. This is the reason I am here. I believe I will see this wonderful place to live. Not just for me, but for everyone!  You can be part of that. The world has become a place of disappointments. Now is the time to turn things around.
I want you to know that it is within you to succeed! You are destined for greatness. Somewhere along the way we all got a little sidetracked. Maybe a lot sidetracked. Anyway, I’m here to tell you, today, right now, you can learn what to do to be what you were meant to be. If you are asking yourself “What was I meant to be?” I can answer that with one word.  SUCCESSFUL!
Whatever you might have dreamed of as a child, reach out for that. Don’t give up one those desires. I have grown so much both mentally and emotionally. The values here are beyond measure.


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