It is a home for the work and growth

…..This is HOME!!!!! The only place I’ve ever felt acknowledged for the fact of my existence! The only place where My thoughts and integrations can,(and do), create value for myself and others. This is a place of shelter from the storm of life in THIS civilization….where we create the next, the undiscovered country that is our right to be in.
…..This is not a place to rest in however. It is a home for the work and growth of the mind…a place to manifest the dreams and desires of your youth  and recapture the joy of creation! Age does not matter here!!! The thought, discipline, and control required to attain your rediscovered goals does! Only here, the work of creating is not the drudge it is outside of here….it is the rediscovery of the joy that a focused, concentrated effort can be. I know that some will have experienced being so involved in some job or project in which you loose all sense of time…..this is the joy of creation!
…..This collection of minds has given me the strength and hope to rededicate my life to that which I have always loved, but, have never brought to full fruition! I’ve spent decades learning my craft, but not till now have I begun to learn the ways of presenting that craft to the world. Some may consider the “Marketing” of a thing to be the death of the heart of an art. But, I have learned that an art,(or anything else for that matter), has no value if it is not revealed for the world to see or hear or read! This is not the quest for quick riches, it is the quest for knowing that I have created a value for others and myself through my thought and effort and skill!
…..Men and Women of ability live here! They are people to admire, respect, look up to, and create with!!!! This is the home of co-creation….of like-minded people from all walks of life directed towards a unified purpose…..LIFE!!!! The freedom we are creating will make you and your children geniuses at creating values we haven’t even thought of yet!
…..I do so LOVE being a part of this family….all my brothers and sisters striving for the same goal…..Take the time to invest in yourself and find out what that goal is….you will be enlivened as never before!
…..In Truth, Simplicity, And Love


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