Integrating in a Prime Law society…

It might seem like an odd identification, to say the Prime Law, is a consciously invented concept, that acts as a tool to interdict natures algorithm – what does flaw-filled-man have to do with nature? – Understand, that when individuals are unthinkingly following laws from flaw-filled-man, they are doing so because of a remnant of nature evolved bicameral behavior… which corrupts the conscious mind within a Rule of Man society. Another way of saying it is: A society that has reached the level of awareness, to identify natures algorithm, is a society that should of put the bicameral mind ‘out-of-business’ …but Plato built a deadly flaw into society that tries to drags the mind back to a bicameral state (see Julian Jaynes, ‘The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind’). In a Prime Law society, puzzle building integrations of the creative mind, would complete the ‘switch-off’ from bicameral to fully conscious man.
Craig H.

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