Indeed once the Prime Law is in place we will achieve …

This video explaining our near future is not philosophical. It is not a dream. It is fact. Mark Hamilton used Neothink to create this vision of our future. Thank you Mark Hamilton! Indeed once the Prime Law is in place we will achieve our purpose of supreme happiness in every sense of the word. Thanks again Mark Hamilton! I honestly cannot wait for this Law to be put into action. It will take some work. For the Establishment as of current is so far off base creating illusions that they are helping us when OBVIOUSLY we are meant to help and lead our own damn lives. Excuse the language, but when I see what is possible thanks to Mr. Hamilton and his vision of the future and what our destiny is, then I become upset at the people who are in charge now. How stupid do they think we are. They take our money and they use it to lead our civilization into suppression. They are robbing us of our birth right to achieve limitless happiness. So to the Established leaders of today that are raping our lives and our children’s lives, I say good bye and good riddance. And what a beautiful world we will be living in once their illusions fall from our minds. Nothing will hold us back now.


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