In this testimonial, I intend to help people have a minimal understand of the possibilities…

In this testimonial, I intend to help people have a minimal understand of the possibilities and benefits that can be gained from Mark Hamilton’s literature, the Twelve Vision Party and the Neothink Society. I say minimal, because it is virtually impossible to have an individual understand the mental changing facts and comment sense understanding that you receive from this society. All that is needed is to look around and pay attention at what kind of civilization we have evolved in to. I never really  understood how it was that the system  we have in play allows for 90% of our population to never have the opportunity to live the life that every single human being dreams of having. As for the last couple of years, why is it that the gap between the rich and the poor has grown so significant? Up to the point that the hard working middle class is basically non existing? It is more then evident that there needs to be a drastic changes and that the needs and security of every individual come before any political promises that get lost after the election terms are up. It is obvious that “we the people” need to elect individuals who take on the responsibility of protecting the lives and properties of every human being and who base there work on pure honesty and stay focused on a rational reality. I can assure anyone who at one point has looked for a better and more fulfilling life that they will benefit significantly from the TVP and from the Newthink Society!


Maria A.

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