In reading the Neothink books, I had developed many of the skills

I’ll try to keep this brief.

In reading the Neothink books, I had developed many of the skills which were written about.  Time Management, organizational skills, and so on.  It allowed to me see the big picture, actually I see the end result and work back.  I know that seeing in pictures is not abnormal, this was comforting for me.

An example of this was when my son was diagnosed as having Asperger’s Syndrome.  We were told that he would not be able to control his temper, have limited ability in writing and not to expect very much from him in the imagination category.  After reading many books on A. S. we were in a quandary as what to do.  Our son seemed to have much potential and this frontal lobe disorder was limiting what he could become.  I decided to stop reading all the negative books on A.S. and just watch my son to see what his behavior would show.  Certain foods changed his behavior a little bit.  I had him take a capsule of Spiulina a food supplement made up of kelp.  This had a very positive effect on him.  In seeing this I knew it was not a frontal lobe disorder, but something to do with lack of nutrition, or something blocking nutrition in his system.  After looking this up on the internet I was brought to a website on an individual which had done research on Autism since the 1960′s.  We looked at his research on B-6 therapy and was amazed, when we used B-6 we were able to see a very positive effect on him.  We had to keep raising the dosage to keep seeing the same effect.  We did not feel comfortable with continual raising the dosage.  We looked specifically for a doctor who knew about this type of therapy.  We did found a doctor and was amazed after some preliminary tests showed up that he had very high levels of Mercury, levels of lead and candida yeast.  The doctor has him on different vitamins, and we are detoxifying him under the doctors supervision and we are seeing a huge result in him.  There are still some bad days but nothing like before.
Things seem to snap into place when I think on problems and subjects.  I am currently working on starting our own business, and the future looks bright. 

Dave H.

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