In praise of the incredible genius of Mr. Mark Hamilton

Hey, I’m Ben S. of Liberty Tx.  I want to write a note, if I can make it succinct, b/c there is so much to state in praise of the incredible genius of Mr. Mark Hamilton and his coauthors.

First of all, I personally know I have been blessed beyond belief just for having received the gift of his writings.  The knowledge within is the most amazing, understandable, All encompassing compilation of words ever written.  Ever. Including the Bible, to me.  Because the bible is written in such a riddle ridden way to leave open a vast array of interpretations.  Witness the arguments among the clergy among the various churches, even the discussions of varying inferments in a single denomination.!  But Mr. Mark Hamilton even explains this phenomena!

In expressing my appreciation of this literature, I’m not sure I can be what Shakespeare called the soul of wisdom–brevity, or brief.  But neither can a complete philosophy for mankind be put in a thimble.  Plain and simple, this literature is the complete formula for a thriving, fruitful, successful life for Everyone on Earth.

I grew up attending Methodist church with my devout Christian mother,  made the best grades in school, worked on my Dad’s farm and shined shoes in his barber shop beginning at age 11.  Played by the rules and learned how to work.  was a good boy.  And have lived in that path set then all my life.  But not successfully.  Not really happy.

Since reading the manuscripts of Mark Hamilton, life has changed radically for the better.  Just because of understanding even the real meaning of life, the meaning of happiness!  More to say, but I’ll wait till later.  Life is Good.

Life will be Good for everyone, Everyone, if he is allowed to extend his generous, genius knowledge to all mankind.

It is a promise that can and will be delivered worldwide, unlike the promises of lying politicians who make promises primarily to increase their own personal power.  Not the power of the individuals who make prosperity for all. Which is where the power belongs,  in the hands of individual people!  Beno

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