In my heart, I feel deep gratitude for The Neothink Society..

Dear Mark,

In my heart, I feel deep gratitude for The Neothink Society, The Twelve Visions Party, and The Twelve Visions World. In the beginning of my childhood, I was often uncomfortable when my mom would bring home her friends troubled children and told their mothers that after I talk to them, they would be out of trouble.  Such was her belief that I had this gift that I did not clearly understand.  I appeared to her to have amazing abilities to solve difficult problems and inspire people to do likewise.  Although, I found myself playing different roles throughout my professional life and seeming to have magic in all fields I explored, I never realized my mother’s genius in assessing my essence or purpose in life.  I believe she was a Neothinker who like me didn’t understand the power of our integrations.

It was the year 2008, that the long for 10 Second Miracle visited me when I received your first letter.  I saw my true beliefs validated for the first time and knew, I will never again seek validation from others because your Masterful Heirlooms awakened my mind, heart and understanding of the puzzle of life.  I felt as if I now have wings to fly and reach my highest dreams of Happiness in Perfect Health and Perfect Health in Opulence. I knew before that thoughts can make you or break us, but The Twelve Visions of Mark Hamilton must have been given with love because I feel the exhilarating vibrations daily that are changing not only my life but those I come in contact daily.  The 10 Second Miracle in 2008 took me out of struggle with the Anti-Civilization to the Civilization of the Universe in the hope for the growing Awareness that is becoming The Twelve Visions World. Those of us who welcome and receive this awareness are creating this beautiful Harmony, Peace, Wealth you shared in your visions.

I am grateful to say that I have risen since 2008, from a devasting burnout in 1995, that left me in a disabling state of early retirement in total powerlessness to a renewed woman of 67, in charge and back to work, awaiting her Dream Business in the Victory of the Twelve Visions Party. I understand as you inspired me to see my essence in my joyful moments. Those moments happened when I see someone else transformed just because they met me and I was able to transmit vibrations that inspire change in their lives, regardless of the purpose of such an encounter. I love Mark Hamilton, Neothink Society, the Twelve Visions Party and The Twelve Visions World. Thank you.


With Love, Hope, Peace, Health and Wealth,

Milca F.

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