Imagine having total financial freedom

Who is Mark Hamilton and what is Neothink?
I’ve had over 5 years of experience reading and studying the Neothink literature and here is my take on it.
But first let me just say that if you are here because you have been led to believe that this Twelve Visions Party is all some kind of scam, then please keep an open mind and get all of the facts before you judge instead of just drinking the media kool-aid.

The author Mark Hamilton is arguably the first person since MLK with a grand, world-changing vision for mankind. Only this time, it’s not just a dream. It is so much more. For the first time in history, our civilization has the knowledge, the tools, and the motivation needed to bring about the long sought after “promised land”. We no longer have to suffer under oppressive governments, crooked politicians, lazy bureaucrats, corrupt businessmen, dishonest media journalists, and all others who live by force and deceit.

For the first time we can bring forth a true economic stimulus that will last for hundreds of years instead of the temporary, band-aid stimulus our government keeps selling us. The Twelve Visions Party is not a cult or another partisan group with a narrow agenda. They are made up of ordinary Americans who realize that Big Government is not the solution, it is the PROBLEM. The hard work, creativity, and ingenuity of millions of people are being drained and stifled by a few career politicians, many of whom have never ran a business or worked an honest job a day in their lives, yet they desire to control those who do.

The Twelve Visions Party seeks to rid the government of this destructive “ruling class” once and for all. So what will be the benefit from this?

Imagine becoming a millionaire without having to lift a finger.

Imagine having total financial freedom and living the life you were meant to live. Imagine having a job that you actually loved and couldn’t wait to get to every morning. Imagine yourself having superior intelligence. Imagine having perfect health, even in old age. Imagine discovering and never losing that falling in love feeling with your partner. Imagine becoming slim and sexy, without even trying!
Unfortunately, many of us are so hopelessly stuck in dead end ruts that we cannot even begin to imagine this small but very REAL possibility. But once you actually SEE The Twelve Visions for yourself, something will change inside you. You may try to ignore it at first but the seed will be planted and it will continue to grow. It’s already happening to millions of people and it will happen to you too if you just trust yourself instead of the various authorities and influences surrounding you.

All great visionaries are usually hated and attacked by those in positions of authority who are most threatened and afraid of losing their false power over people. This has been well documented throughout history. From Socrates to Jesus Christ, Joan of Arc to MLK, there are many who have been silenced because they advanced ideas of the individual over the establishment.

We must not let this happen to Mark Hamilton. The career politicians and their allies in the mainstream media seeks to discredit and destroy anyone or any group who opposes their big government agenda to crush individual rights. If they succeed in brainwashing the public with lies about The Twelve Visions Party, then everything we stand for as freedom-loving Americans will go the way of disco.
We can already see this happening now with increasing government control over banks, car companies, and mortgages. And now there are those in power who are planning to control businesses who did NOT take taxpayer bailout money.

This is only the beginning folks. Left unchecked, the parasitical elite will increase their criminal aggressions against all honest, innocent, value-producing people until there are none left.

Once again I implore you to look beyond the illusions that are being created for you. Read for yourself the constitution of the Twelve Visions Party and the Prime Law at . This is not about politics. This is not about money. This is about you and your loved ones. Your future is under attack. Will you stand up? Will you surrender to the lies and distortions? Make your decision. The world is waiting.

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