I’m writing in support of Mark Hamilton and Neothink

To Whom It May Concern:
I’m writing in support of Mark Hamilton and Neothink.  Simply and directly, Neothink and Mark have been an enlightening addition to my life!  I’ve found Neothink especially a thought provoking, motivating, and fundamentally sound enterprise which has already provided benefits to my life which are too numerous to mention.  I’ve found Mark to be one of the most honest individuals I’ve had the pleasure of corresponding with.  He genuinely cares about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness for citizens of this country and the world for that matter.
I’m an educated person, holding a Masters Degree in Education as a counselor.  Neothink is not in opposition to anything that would be beneficial to a person interested in improving the quality of life.  Neothink is and will always be a way for people to find in themselves ways to improve their lives.  This would include their personal private lives, as well as their work life.
I’m very grateful to Mark for sharing these powerful, thought provoking and motivational 12 Visions to the public at large as well as those of us who have embraced what they stand for.  They promote the possibility of peaceful, prosperous, and productive life for individuals as well as this great country we call home.
Anyone, who would attack Mark Hamilton for his Twelve Visions Party of a greater USA are obviously just missing the point (or are in it for personal gain at the expense of others benefit).  Neothink and TVP are a stepping stone to where this country could go if it weren’t for partisan political stagnation that most of this country is frankly fed up with.  There’s something better out there.  The likes of Mark Hamilton, TVP, and Neothink are a great start in the right direction for this country.
Jeffrey W.
Bismarck, ND

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