I’m in my mid 50′s, I have an Education degree but elected…

I’m in my mid 50′s, I have an Education degree but elected not to enter the system and have spent most of years in the advertising industry.  I have never been exposed to the clarity of ideas, reasoning, and a specific “take action” plan for individuals and society as has been delivered to me thru Neothink readings.  These readings have inspired me to recognize the degree to which I have become nothing more than a follower.  For years I have accepted my “Fate” (rubbish) that has allowed me to lose my direction and my motivation.  Our system is designed to keep us at bay, hold us up, limits our potential and our progress.

If you are a “searcher”, if you know inside there exists a better way for humans all over the world to interact on a far greater personal level, with their own families, with their neighbors, with their friends, with their business, and with their country, you need to open your minds and read Neothink.  We are entering a threatening tier of humanity, governments and religious leaders all over the world have failed us and when they themselves start to recognize that the “populace at large” is forming an image of their failures, their misguided direction, their ongoing “say one thing do another” formats, be prepared for far more blatant dishonesties than ever witnessed before.

How many times have you heard… “I know, but there is nothing we can do.”   We have heard all our lives that there are two certainties in life….”taxes and death.”  What if neither is a certainty, what if business was the true savior of our depleted minds, and our broken spirit.  What if business did not pay taxes, because governments where meant “ONLY” to deal with our individual rights (as all governments were elected for that PURPOSE) – and true competition within our society, and our world, truly, honestly was ALLOWED to EXIST. (without regulations and interference by some authority who has no knowledge of that business)  What if business advanced so far – (honestly and via true competiveness-since no more government interference made them dishonest) that the medical field found ways to stop aging.  ( Unbelievable strides are advancing in the field already – stem cell research, etc.)

Can you begin to sense the inspiration, the spirit, the commitment, the change in your family life, your neighbors, your friends, your business, your country.  Can you say HAPPINESS and mean it…..you can if you open your minds and read.  We all know the monster governmental juggernaut has crept into every aspect of our lives, wasting our momentum, eating at our earned profits… to what end.  When does it stop, how much more, how much deeper, into dishonesty, and lies do we allow ourselves to follow.  When do we say “WE KNOW BETTER”, enough bullshit…   Our struggle is to act, how do we begin, how do we find the courage to say what we believe…. in front of those … who probably, believe the same thing.  Individually, we are the momentum, the spark, the new wave of honesty, competiveness, happiness and true love.  If you have the “balls” to engage in a true chance at civilization on our earth, for you and your family, Neothink gives you the tools to move forward.  Don’t give-up on something that is awe-inspiring, it fills you from top to bottom, and bubbles over with humanity.  Neothink is happiness, inspiration, business, honest and  individual world-wide rights, it is meant to simplify, to improve, to give meaning , and to experience a re-birth of self.   Yeah, that sounds scary!!!!!!

Garth H.

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