If you go back to Neothink Discovery by Mr.Hamilton’ The Second In Sight’

First I want to comment on some of the comments,

The comments are good but are I think ,missing the main objective,which is to

reach the Prime Law state of existence.But until humans realize that the rule of man

is taking over through the evils of coercion,the professional Neo-Cheaters,and those

who use metaphors to their own advantage which end up being frauds.

If you go back to Neothink Discovery by Mr.Hamilton’ The Second In Sight’,

which talks about the first leap of evolution. The first evolutionary leap from natures

bi-cameral man to the self conscious individual,man went through period of mental

structures to become self-responsible and self -controlled.

Well in order for us to make another shift or leap we Must become the Neo-Tech

advantage #10,the highest cause which is the self conscious individual. We must get

out of the Bi-Cameral state we are still in.

It is easy to comment on likes and dislikes or what we believe in.But until we

realize what IS and WILL be,in other words become fully aware of reality,we will npot

make that jump in to the next dimension.We will be stuck in stagnation listening to

the metaphors of deciet and dishonesty.For in this world especially in our nation

it is fast becoming an authoritarian leadership every year.Its by those who wish to

accomplish their goals for wealth and power regardless of humanity.If man does not

make the jump into the next dimension we will never see the Prime Law in effect,

there for_________________ we will not survive.

David H.

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