If I were to define Neothink

Freedom Lovers,

It is with heart felt appreciation that I express my joy at discovering Mark Hamilton.  It was 25 years ago that I had my first encounter with Neothink and learned how to spot and point out the cheaters, most I perceived as just opportunists until I looked closer and analyzed how they were all tuned into WIIFM (what’s in it for me)…Most unconscious of anything else.

Now the upper management were very much Neo Cheaters and they had no issue with making it their way or the highway, we fit in or not at all.

As a soulful being I had to find a common ground with some of the original writings, and indeed the message is clearer now then when I was twenty something.  Neothink points out the facts in many different ways of writing and story telling, it allows the conscious to see the real picture as clear as the truth should be…dismissing the religions of man, without dismissing our creator. Or his son, but clearing all the mass Babylon hypnosis…out of the way.

I originally understood the bicameral mind, and yes as one who has moved in and out of this state my whole life I see it coming and going with most conversations, and thoughts.

I also sadly understand how the power of love and free will has been usurped by most public servants, confirming why I never trusted Preachers, Teachers, Lawyers, Bankers and Politicians.  If these types are fearful of what Neothink expresses, then it goes to confirm that they also believe this is who they are, that to me is even more disturbing.

If I were to define what Neothink has and is providing to me in a simple description it would be that Neothink…. has allowed me to be a Conscious Competent.  Today, I let the light of love lead me in the ways designed by our Creator of the Universe.

Knock, and it shall be opened, Seek and you shall find.

A hearty Thanks!


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