I write to thank you for introducing me to Neothink…

Dear Mark:

I write to thank you for introducing me to Neothink and the priceless principles contained in your writings. In a world saturated with illusions, it is indeed a breath of fresh air that one can still learn to see through the fog of illusions, and get to the true essence of things.

Applying the Neothink techniques and principles has helped me to get into the habit of looking for and more easily cutting through the fog to get to the true essence of things; and to be fearlessly honest to my self and others, while at the same time, patient and understanding towards those who are still enveloped in the fog of illusions. My increasing ability to penetrate to the true essence of things has been helping me to see beyond any “problem” and to harness the opportunities it presents in order to come to an integrated solution. The result has had a liberating effect. I am having an increasing feeling and sense of calmness, confidence and contentment daily. I don’t need to tell you the beneficial effects this reduction of stress has had on my Health.

I believe that the application of the principles contained in your writings on Neothink would engender a genuine understanding and love for all. I am confident that it would result in real peace, ever-increasing productivity, and concomitant prosperity for all.

Please keep up the good work. I am looking forward to learning more from you and to my unfolding Neothink journey.


Patrick N.

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