I would love to give a great testimonial to Mark Hamilton…

I would love to give a great testimonial to Mark Hamilton, his Neothink Society, his literature, and the TVP political movement.  Mark Hamilton is a visionary like me who when focused can accomplish great and wonderful things.  He is dedicated as I am to the cause and wants to try and bring it about.  He only wants the best for Mankind as I do, yet it takes great effort and courage to bring it forward, to materialize it.   I appreciate his stepping up to the plate as so many others have not and only complain and try to tear down, mouth off and destroy with no good intentions at all.  He is a good man trying to make a positive difference with his organization as I always try and do even though not perfect yet.
His Neothink Society will be a great force to the world and everything in it.  His literature is amazing and breakthrough with cutting-edge information and ideas which will take you to higher levels and beyond in the plateaus of life.  His growing TVP political movement will be a breath of fresh air that if brought about will do tremendous good on a level that has never been done and seen since the Christ era.  One can only imagine the benefits of everlasting life with happiness and material riches above anything seen before by most people.  His movement believes that there is nothing beyond our comprehension and understanding and will try and explain everything in a rational way.  God bless TVP and thanks.

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