I would like to thank you…

Greetings Mentor Mark Hamilton,
I would like to thank you and the great Dr.Frank R. Wallace for developing The Neothink Society, also those other heroes that were there in the beginning of this great work. I know it was a real struggle to bring this kind of liberating teachings to a system as irrational ,and violent as this so-called free society, so-called because the master neo-cheaters  has decieved 80% of the population into believing this universal hoax .Neothink  survival is a modern day miracle.100 years from now this miracle will be recognized as the defining moment in the history of the civilization of mankind,no  philosophy ,concepts or religion could ever do what Neothink has done and will do to liberate
and rid man of his greatest desease,mysticism and bicamerality.If by chance  most of us are around , when the history of the Neothink
world is written we will be the only people to ever witness their own success a hundred after the fact by still being alive to talk about it.
We all should give thanks now to our founding fathers and mothers of the  Neothink Society  as we assist them in  ushering in the Neothink world.
Once again  thank you Mark for your hard work in healing our minds  thanks to the first Neo- Tech Brothers and Sisters the pillars of the Neothink Society, hopefully we will meet you soon.
Yours truly, Imhotep A. B.

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