I would like to testify to anyone who would listen about what Mark Hamilton …

I would like to testify to anyone who would listen about what Mark Hamilton and Neothink have meant and done to change my life for the better.

In every generation there are a handful of great value producers that change our world for the betterment of human kind and through Mr. Hamilton’s writings and teachings I believe he has achieved this goal.  Mr. Hamilton’s writings have awoken me to my own personal delusions I had about myself and the world I live in.  Also to the illusions I had been taught from my parents, schools, churches, and government which had been used to control me and relinquish me of my true personal power, but not because they are evil but because they think they know what’s better for me then I know for myself and usually have their own interest at heart.  To achieve honest power one must live in reality to be able to assimilate knowledge as well as to protect oneself from all the deception by people and the rulers who would rob you from your wealth and values.  They must distort reality through delusions to get you to be a willing participant in their fraud.  Mr. Hamilton removed the blinders from my eyes so to speak so I could see the reality around me providing me with real freedom and protection.

Mr. Hamilton is a true genius who is completely honest, loving, and deeply caring man and has provided great value to our society and world at large. Mr. Hamilton has taken great action to create a better world for everyone even if you have never heard of him, and for this the parasitical elite rulers and control freaks are deeply fearful of honest value producers such as Mr. Hamilton and for this they will lie, slander and attack him on false pretenses because he threatens their great fraud and deception over the masses. The rulers worst fear is that they will be exposed for what the truly are.

Mr. Hamilton with his extreme courage risks everything he has to build a better world and shows us what a real man and hero he is by his actions. Mr. Hamilton truly wishes to help the poor, working class, and small business owners as the true value to a society instead of the corrupt corporations and parasitical elite which exploit, rob, and control us through force and fraud. His writings provide a roadmap to great personal growth and freedom in hopes of a better world for all human kind even the controllers which wish to destroy him. Mr. Hamilton’s writings have helped me evolve greatly into a more caring, loving, and free person, and for that I’m forever grateful to him and would like nothing more than to help him achieve the world of his visions.

Do your own research and investigate for yourself because you must put in effort if you would like the honest truth about someone. Most people know you sure can’t get it from mainstream media.  Mr. Hamilton has many books and other resources to help you achieve a better you. So I would like to advise you to look into it for yourself and if you gain as much as I have from his Neothink philosophy you will be pleasantly surprised.  Also watch in the future in hopes that Mr. Hamilton will run for president of the United States with his twelve visions party.  In my own opinion we could only be so lucky to have him for president because it would take such a great man to straighten out our country out from its down spiral into tyranny.

One more point I would like to convey is that Mr. Hamilton has given me one of the greatest gifts of all and that is hope for a brighter future. We can have a wonderful world thanks to great people like Mr. Hamilton but we must stand up for freedom and honesty in hopes of a better reality because in times like these silence is not golden it’s yellow. Thank you for reading and bless you all.

Regards, D. J.

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