I would like to take a moment and give my approval to Mark Hamilton and his …

I would like to take a moment and give my approval to Mark Hamilton and his writings of Neothink Inside Secrets.  Upon receiving my first letter of interest from Mark, I purchased the 1st of the 3 manuscript series of the Neothink Inside Secrets.  I will say undeniably that the writings brought me to a reality in my life and made me open my eyes to the world around me.  Was there skepticism while reading parts of the manuscript…of course there was, but I was able to do my on research and could not find any true evidence to dispute any of this.  His sharing of business practices and how to commit yourself to a task have been invaluable to my every endeavor since that time.  I have personally been through adverse situations since my reading of the 3 manuscripts and the knowledge attained from them has pulled me through each.

I am not a blind follower of any person or religion.  I am a US Navy veteran and well founded in my beliefs.  I am also a father of 2, one of who is serving our country in Iraq, and have 5 loving grandchildren whom I adore.  I am also an avid sports fan and none of this has changed since I had the opportunity to read the manuscripts.  I have been in sales for over 32 years and one thing that I have found is that the competition hates the truth and will say erroneous things about you and sometimes just plain lie.  I believe Mr. Hamilton writes about truths and the establishment competition has no recourse but to attack his philosophy and him personally.  His focus is only on improving one’s self both personally and financially.  I would recommend highly to purchased and read his manuscripts.

Ross M.

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