I would like to extend my gratitude to Mark Hamilton, Neothink …

Hello and welcome,

When first exposed to Neothink over 10 years ago I was frightened. Let me explain… The Honesty of Neothink unflinchingly pulls the rug out from under the dishonest and destructive illusions of a loser oriented world that most of the population base their existence on today. Many such as myself hit that unflinching wall of Honesty and are shaken to their core. I was so seeped in irrationality and blaming others that when exposed to Neothink and its related materials, my dishonest world was left without a foot to stand on. My laziness was exposed to stark reality and I had nowhere to run. Neothink weakens and then mercilessly annihilates the foundation of a dying, unhappy world.

Great news right? I agree, but still I did not embrace what I knew to be right. An unhappy failure in every area of my existence, I dug my self deeper into that anti-life world of loss. I won’t go into detail why in this letter as it has been a deeply personal experience. Suffice it to say that some when exposed “can’t handle the truth”, or in this case the Honesty (yes, there is a difference).

Having the bogus beliefs and personal destructive mysticism you base your existence on suddenly shown for what they are can be a bit scary. But I am here to tell you there is nothing to fear in the world of Genuine Honesty. I do not share these things to frighten or discourage. Rather my message is not to make the same mistake I had. Do not flee from the liberating light of Complete Honesty. Do as I and many others have now done and are doing even as you read this, coldly and completely discard that dying world of failure. Holding on to that life-diminishing nothingness is not worth it. Embrace a living world and you too will hold the key to Wealth, Health, and Peace.

As a final note I would like to extend my gratitude to Mark Hamilton, Neothink, and all that have made such a transformation possible.

Thank you for your time,
WL “Slim” C.

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