I woke up with Mark Hamilton on my mind

I woke up with Mark Hamilton on my mind Then I began having pictured thoughts.
Mark Hamilton and all genius like-minded Neothink members join together, for the C of U and create the most unforgetable “Neothink Clubhouse Tv Show”, seen all over the entire world. Like-minded, we bring our own speacial flavor. Neothink values are taught where the whole world can become the person that they were meant to be, all by turning on their tv.
“The world will get into a Neothink and TVP state of mind”. Mark Hamilton, his literatures, his Neothink Movement and
TVP movement can be seen all over the world. Mark business like system, his 1888-859-6859 # Mark’s literature, all
Mark’s websites www.twelvevisionsparty.com
Neothink news
Mark’s business like system for wealth health and peace, Neothink artist perform on the show.
All the Neothink clubhouses throught out the world with testimonials from Neothink members are seen on the show
and new membership sign-up is available.
A special children’s corner- where someone sings the “Impossible Dream”song and kids sing along. The whole world can be a part of “Mark’s America” all by turning on their tv. Mark and my Neothink family, are we all ready for a
“Neothink Clubhouse Tv Show”? For the C of U?
with love,
” Marcia”

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