I will become the person i was meant to be

The Neothink Society Knowledge and understanding has become the driving force in my everyday life. I worked 30 years for a corporation providing for my family and raising my kids. The company ran into financial trouble and was forced to sell the company, They offered a “buy out” my daughter said daddy “why don’t you take the package and leave the company and concentrate on building your own company on a full time basis” I made a conscious decision to leave my routine rut job.

Shortly afterward the prime literature came into my life the enlightenment and knowledge has been a great learning experience on how to run my company, how to create wealth. I have become like a little child with excitement each and every day studying the prime literature. Since i discovered my Friday night essence their has been a burning desire to constantly study the prime literature to gain more insight and knowledge that’s reality based. its the guiding force that help me see threw the illusion that society keep us trapped in. My business has begun to grow by taken one step at a time. Since the literature was introduce into my life, threw deep thinking, my deepest motivational roots are being pursued. my thoughts are clear i will become the person i was meant to be. A creator of value for all the world to see. A creator of WEALTH, HEALTH and SAFETY for all mankind to be in tune with the universe. Jersey Central Neothink Society.
Larry J.

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