I will always be grateful…

I have to express my sadness over the TVP being in jeopardy because it is a movement that means a lot to me. I have heard of the Googles about you and even bothered to read half of one of the pages of information of which you speak of. Fortunately I had developed an opinion of you beforehand which made the information not worth finishing. Perhaps it is hard for people to understand the importance of your undertaking to fix this country and bring happiness to the inhabitants within. I can not fathom why anyone would have an agenda to portray you as a hustler but I feel the need to express my thoughts on the subject because I just have to “call it like I see it”. If you are a hustler, then I just want to say that it is the best thing that will happen to anyone to cross your path. I was formerly a hardworking mother of two in a verbally abusive relationship that would have escalated to physical abuse before I read your literature. I’m very proud to say that in the process of your literature fixing my life, I met a very interesting person and I get to see her every day when I look in the mirror. I am very fortunate to have met just a few of the other lucky people that have also read your literature and I am very glad that I have made excellent friends because of what you have done for the woman who stares at me in the mirror each day. I will always be grateful for most of the passion and wisdom that you poured into your literature and I wish that everyone who wants a better understanding of the life around them would come to know your words. I did not see much of you in your website but it is my understanding that you have been associated with the Grand Canyon Skywalk and you have been the source of an endless supply of happy Neothinkers who are turning this country into a better place for me and my children. You certainly do not seem to match the definition of any hustler that I have ever met.
As for the biological immortality………..That’s just around the corner but it is useless unless the researchers of that kind of technology are allowed to do their job without being slapped on the wrist. I suppose that most of them will not succeed in a country that is being ran as America currently is but I am hoping that will soon change. That is one of the things that puts a damper on my love for the medical field and sadly I do not have a true sub-passion to fall back on.
Always Yours,
Mel M.

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