I was both honored and thrilled

Dear Mark,

I  was both honored and thrilled to be invited into your elite ‘inner pocket’. I have been extremely concerned about the danger our world faces from zealots,such as ISIS; megalomaniacs, such as Kim in North Korea; international gangsters, such as the Russians; and drug producers, such as Afghanistan and the drug cartels in the Americas. In our own country, general lawlessness increases as mobsters are on the rise again with an  infusion of fresh players from Russia and other Eastern Bloc nations, and growth of Eastern Asian gangs like the Triads.
I  understand that you have had me ‘on your radar’ for some time; but just how up-to-date your intelligence is I have no way of knowing. I lost my house and moved in to Whispering Chase (WC) in the spring of 2014. I chose the retirement community rather than a rental property as l can no longer climb stairs. I was terrified that my falls on the stairs would kill me and no one would find me for months. The expense of WC combined with my medical expenses has me virtually destitute. Also, my health has deteriorated since I moved into WC. When at WC I am confined to wheelchair, thank heavens it’s motorized.  The positive is that I have lost 150+ pounds.  But I still have weight to lose. I’d hoped I would be able to give up the chair after I lost all the weight I need to.  I learned this past week that I  have diastolic heart failure in addition to my pulmonary problems and osteoarthritis.  I won’t be getting out of the chair without advances in the treatment of heart disease or heart surgery.
Since I  received your invitation I have experienced several positive
effects:  My deep depression has started to lift and I am beginning to set goals and get things done until the fatigue that comes with heart failure sets in and that isn’t darkening my mood; I am no longer hiding in my apartment and I  beginning to socialize with my fellow retirees at meal times; I am working on my coloring and I am making braclets; and my empathetic abilities and my clairvoyance are beginning to come back. Having the empathy and the clairvoyance return is, I think, the major cause of the improvement in my depression.  I am really looking forward to getting help with these skills.
When I said ‘count me in’ on July 18th I requested and got a 30 day extension for the book fee; I really thought I’d be able to pay it at the beginning of August. I couldn’t and since I lost the house a regular lender wouldn’t touch me with a 50 ft pole as my credit score is below 500. All my alternate sources have dried up. I hope you would consider allowing me to let me make two payments. Or perhaps you can think of some other alternative. Baring either of these solutions the only thing left is to sell my jewelry.  I really do not want to do this; half of it is antique, one piece is a late 15th or early 16th century men’s ring. I lost a lot of my possessions as I had to vacate in a hurry. (Never do business with Bank of America.) I love my jewelry and I wear it. Also, in my experience, unless you have a friend in the estate sale business (my friends have passed on) you cannot get a fair price for the pieces you want to sell.  But I will sell the jewelry if that is my only recourse.
I am truly excited about helping to bring about a fully conscious Society even though we have to be ‘begin with a split run’. Also, I can hardly wait to meet you in person. Here’s to a bright, fully conscious Society.