I was amazed how powerful Neothink’s secrets…

i was amazed how powerful Neothink’s secrets,especially life secrets were 4 the writers.Neothink’s foundation is built on integrated honesty and pure love,as i read the testimonials clearly came shinning thru. did reading the heirlooms have a similar effect on me,2 b honest  no.from Neothink i have gotten peace of mind,by reaffirmingwhat i had already thought r believed in.something that did open my eyes wasunderstanding the effect the forces of nature can have on a person.it explains a lot 2 why people do what they do.while reading Miss Annabells, the start of book 2 it states you will experience a epiphany. not sure of the deffinition,got the dictionary and it stated -a festival of the apperanceof Christ 2 the maggi- o.k. yea.at the end of book 2 nothing. start of book 3 states at the end u will experience a 3rd epiphany, have i already missed 2 of them.when i finished i knew 1 thing 4 sure,that someday i will get 2 meet my Grandpa,a man i have never known. ‘BOOM’  that’s an epiphany .I have always consider those moments,moments i was begging touched from above.i forget who said this,’everybody,every 1 of us has 2 decide do u live in a hostile universe-r a friendly universe.honesty and love seems like Neothink members have discovered the friendly universe.many testimonials state how the individual found friends,family,love within the society.Neothink’s life secrets bring about truth,which brings clairty,which brings abot honesty,allowing pure love 2 flow.u can not give away that which u do not possess yourself.if u do not have love 4 yourself how can u give it away.apperantly Neothink members have found love,love 4 life.when Neothink first contacted me,i probably would have thrown it away if i had not read these 3 sentences. have u ever felt like god r some other power has communicated with you.if u answered yes and we know u did. then u are indeed that special person we are looking 4.many Neothink members state they were searching 4 something when Neothink found them.i was more like waiting on than searching 4.thank u Neothink 4 giving me peace of mind,by reaffirming my lifes journey is on course and on time                                                                                   BILL S.

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