I was a homemaker only until Mark Hamilton clued me in

I was a homemaker only until Mark Hamilton clued me in to my Friday night essence, which is what I should really be doing because that what I love to do. My Friday night essence is watercolor painting. It is a miracle to take a white paper and create a beautiful image of God’s beauty to share with people. It has made my life so much more enjoyable.
Mark Hamilton’ literature has given me hope that we can have a better world and now is the time to support him. His Twelve Vision Party will mean prosperity for all, even the poor, it will bring government for the people instead of for the bureaucrats, and it will bring genius schools for the children, better research so we’ll have better health, peace, happiness and National Security. I’m 86 and with the wonderful changes the   Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions Party will bring, I plan to live a long, long time.
If he is stopped by the government, this country will be turned into a third world country and we will all lose our freedom. Mark Hamilton is the only chance this country has of survival. The ONLY CHANCE.
Please support him and encourage your friends and family to support him in his Twelve Visions Party for the good of this country and the world.
Florence S.

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