I want to Thank You for your work and for finding me…

Dear Mark Hamilton,

Since I was very young, I knew that the world wasn’t suppose to be this way. I didn’t know what to do or how to find out what I could do to change it. My whole life I kept searching, reading many books, but not finding any answers.

Then One day I get a letter in the mail, telling me that I was special and that we could not only change ourselves but change the world.

After reading the 1st 2 books I knew I found what I been looking for whole life. Then after reading Miss Annabelle’s Secrets and I felt so strange reading about a world that I dreamt about all my life. I know now that I will become the person I was meant to be and to find my Friday Night Essence.

Seeing what is going on in this country today scares me. We lose more freedoms everyday and most people don’t care. Capitalism seems to be a bad word, in a country that became great because it was built on Capitalism.

I want to Thank You for your work and for finding me.

Charles M.

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