I want to thank you for the experience of a life time.

Mr. Hamilton.

I want to thank you for the experience of a life time.  I have been affiliated with Neothink since 1989 which was the first time I received your booklet in the mail.  Let me start by saying that you and Neothink has opened my eyes (I was blind and now I see).  It is so amazing how we as a society have been lied to by our media, politicians, religious leaders, and governments -local, state and federal.  How we are poisoned by our medical doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and food industry.  The distractions that the media, radio stations and newspapers use to keep you in a state of unawareness of the real world surrounding you, if you want the truth you
need Neothink to get to the heart of the matter.

As a society we have been duped into believing that we need others to think for us, to tell us what to eat, what our children need to learn in schools, what drugs to take, how we are to dress, think, talk, act do you get the picture?  Wake up society!  The truth is slapping you in the face – are you a human being that is free or a product of our brainwashing?  I as a citizen of the universe choose to be a free thinker; I want peace, love, health and wealth.  Society should live in peace; have abundance, love, health and joy.
Mr. Hamilton these are the things you have taught me.  You have opened my eyes, ears and mind.

No longer will I bow down to the anti-civilization but will stand up proudly with my head held high, my mind opened, my eyes open and help take this anti-civilization to the Citizens of the Universe where man, woman and child are held in high respect for the unique human being that they are.

Thank you for the opportunity to be one of your chosen apprentices; what an honor to be chosen to help lead this anti-civilization society to a new beginning; a beginning where man is respected, life is cherished, health is for all not just the few, where everyone is wealthy, where there is honesty in governments – I could go on and on but I think I have made my point.

With love and respect,
Camber Baylie M.

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