I want to thank Mark Hamilton for helping me to turn my life around

I want to thank Mark Hamilton for helping me to turn my life around  I had just been laid off  from my job with the union I was very depressed and did not really know what I was going to do.

I had been looking for work for almost a year when I got my first Neothink book from Mark, I started reading the book and the very next day I got the job I had been dreaming about forever, I started my new job as an Instructor with a local trade school.

I worked there for three years and meet a lot of wonderful people.  The most amazing thing happened because I started to fall back into the trap when I reread the first and second book and was offered a partnership in a school.  Many people would think that it was coincidence, but I know better I practiced what I learned in the books that Mark wrote and it changed my life.

I have let other people read these books and they say the same thing.  They ask me how can I get their own copy.  This was an amazing read I felt different after I read it liberated.  The secrets that it reveals to you about society and how it has worked through time makes you really take a look at things.  But once you read the books the veil is removed and your life is never the same because you find yourself wanting more out of life and pushing to achieve those goals.

Thank you, Mark for everything!

Ginny M.

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