I want to thank Mark Hamilton for all the Neothink information

I want to thank Mark Hamilton for all the Neothink information. It has been an enlightening experience for me on my new journey and has doubled and at times tripled my income since I started.  I now see things differently and understand why I always felt the way I do about so many things.

I use the Neothink tools you have shown me to become a self-leader.  People come to me for the answers and I try to teach them to discover the answers themselves.  I also started to rebuild my own business that I had 11 years ago and ventured into 3 other endeavors with the use of your mini-day schedule.  I get more done in a day than most do in a week.  My excitement and energy has gone through the roof…I feel better than I have in years and am getting in the shape I was in twenty years ago.

I have had visions about new products which I am working on to better the life of all society.  It will be very profitable.

I have been slow at getting all the books read but that’s because I study and test each exercise to get all I can out of them.  Each book has jewels to be discovered that are like finding diamonds or finding a hidden treasure.

My love for life has soared such that I want to live forever.  Every day my relationship with wife and kids intensifies so wonderfully even my friends have noticed a difference.  They want to know what’s different and why I just smile.  I know I now have the knowledge to beet any competitor.

Thank you for all the hard work you put into the Neothink information.  My life will never be the same.  I am so grateful for all you have done.

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