I want to express my true opinion

I want to express my true opinion of the value and the integrity of what Mark Hamilton and Neothink is trying to do. He is merely trying to wake up a sleeping consciousness and show us how to evolve to a far greater life. The life we are meant to have and enjoy free of the bondage of what we call our lives as they are governed by politicians and dishonest people in power.

They are showing us how to truly educate our young so they can achieve all they are capable of instead of the warehouse schools that exist today costing one Billion Dollars in Dallas County alone, and it is a school system you would fear for your life to attend, yet it cost one Billion Dollars for one County, Dallas County. The education or lack of it is appalling and it is leading us into a future of failure and a downward spiral to the working poor….nothing more than Welfare Prisons accept we are running out of Tax Payers and our Government spends us into poverty each passing day. It is our Country but we have let a few leaders take it away from us and they have made a horrible mess of it because they don’t know how to do anything but spend other people’s money and when they run thru that they just print play money and mortgage our children and Grandchildren’s future.

Neothink is simply put intelligence awakened and then with patience and love nurtured into Genius and prosperity for all. It is trying to open up meaningful careers for people rather than the disjointed pointless tasks most people do not giving a thought to the end product or even that their is and end product. We have to wake up or we will self destruct. The way I see it we are on the Nuclear Threshold right now and if something powerful doesn’t intervene we could very well below the whole planet up. It is time to unite as a planet not nation states and meaningless borders. I could go on and on but we have been controlled and mislead to a point most people are blindly following the path of misery no longer even hoping for anything better. Their ambition has been buried in disappointment and boredom…..if we lose this chance to grow to what we are capable of, then God help us all.  Why everything is good and decent shut down by the powers that be? Think about it and at least check into what you are being told, stop blindly following people that are proven failures and wake up to the hope and prosperity that awaits us if we are only strong enough to resist the status quo.


Lana S.

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