I want people to know that my personal life changed

What’s going on Mark and the Neothink society!? Several years ago I received the Neothink orientation booklet. Before I read the whole booklet I noticed some weird things happening before my eyes. I do not know what caused these things to happen, but maybe it had something to do with Neothink’s new “technology”. I want people to know that my personal life changed exactly how it was claimed to within the society’s secrets! The most intriguing fact is what causes the life to be able to change. Initially, I doubted that I would be heavily impacted by the secret society. I read my first installment at the age of twenty three. I am now twenty eight years old and I have realized that our society is plagued with papa boys! All races have them in abundance. These are Neothinks greatest enemies! I want people to really understand that we, because of Mr. Hamilton have the opportunity to create our new world, together! Neothink is the synthesis between the human desire and nature. My personal email has been the same for five or six years (ntgen@yahoo.com). It means Neothink genius! This is truly the best time to be riding through the roller coaster named life! Thanks again Mark!
Christopher W.

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