I want it known that a few short years ago, I purchased Mark Hamilton’s books…

My name is Anita B.  I want it known that a few short years ago, I purchased Mark Hamilton’s books and proudly know that the information read really grounded me in the sense that I’d actually been living all that I was reading, but had been told by some in society that I didn’t have the right to live without Religion as my source.  It didn’t mean that I didn’t have “my Source,” it meant, to them, that “I didn’t have the traditional values of a Christian,” and so my ethics are dismissed.

Having read Mark Hamilton’s books have freed me from the need to feel like I have to explain why I am independent thinking.  I have actually lived a very free and expanding life because of my experience as a child in a small town in Texas where I visited every church there.  In my single digit years, I had an epiphany that they were there to rule society because each religion I visited has a common source, but the rest is about ruling society.

In my 67 years,  looked into whatever means I could  to find information that was actually TRUTH and that which I could find as my “rock,” but inasmuch as my life inproved with tools of life that I learned along the way by means other than Religion, my views were ignored because they didn’t have the traditional approval.

In my heart, I knew I was right.  I knew that I was a human with a brain, but there was nothing to prove that not following the foot step the people before me, was something that they wish to acknowledge, but the irony was that I knew I’d lived and learned and could not possible succumb to being in a group with so many interruptations of MY life!!!

I have to tell you that I thanked God when I got invited to read Mark Hamilton’s manuscripts…I had looked for the “rock,” consciously, for a little over thirty years and…everything seems to be controversial to society, but I want to be the best that I can be in this life time!

My Rock is inside these manuscripts…written!  I know the truth is written…These are not just words to me, I was the youngest of a family of seven and I spent a lot of time with 9 different opinions in a small house…I looked for the truth or I’d get in trouble when I had my own thoughts and opinions.

Mark Hamilton has written compelling, thought provoking words that kept me on the edge of my seat while I read them, because as free as I had been to seek out my purpose and how I can be every thing I can be, I was told I was down the wrong path because of their interruption of what I should do … and for years, I listened because I was conditioned to be controlled … we all are!

You want to know what happend to me soon after I read the last book?

My life changed so much that I recognize that we, as a society can change the world TODAY!

Thank You!

Anita B

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